Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Chase..

Yahoo! The object of my attention had been cornered at last in Bangalore, India! phew..boy! this cat & mouse game was going to end soon ( or so I thought!) the chase had taken both of us almost all around India as well as some parts of the world and now (rather in Dec) all that was going to end in good fashion!

Well am neither a cop nor am I talking about a criminal on the run..the person who I mention of is my ........

Sister ..Tj!! ha ha..the thing is it feels like I have been chasing her in & out of places all the time and we never get to spend as much "quality time" as I would like to.

Here's how its been..
Our parents decided to send us to bangalore after the 5th grade so we could get the best of exposure in education n culture, since there is a 3 yr age difference between the both of us, she went earlier and the chase has been forever since then! so, when I went to bangalore, Tj was already in high school and just after 2 years she left back to where our parents stayed to do her Pre-uni colleging and then when she came to bangalore for her engineering I was all set to leave bangalore to pursue my professional degree in Dharwad. At this time Tj went to Manipal to complete her MBA degree and landed a great job during campus recruitment, for which she had to leave for training in Bombay. I was almost done with my colleging by this time and was happy to go back to bangalore to be with my family ( my parents had decided to move to Bangalore by then!)..but alas it was not meant to be..'coz Tj then got an offer to move to US of A for a year's time! ( which then extended to 2 1/2 years!) So in the meanwhile , I dreamt of pursuing my masters in the US content with the knowledge that my sister was going to be there! was not meant to be! ya! I got here and she decided to move back to Bangalore within 2 months! So now its been a year since I got here and thought would spend my christmas vacation in bangalore..welll..Tj has made plans to go to the country down under for her christmas n new year vactions! so whaddya think?? the chase continues...


  1. it is u!!!Now I know fersure after reading ur post!!(read reply to ur comment on my blog)Of all the people I thought I'd meet in blogosphere!!Yippeee!Hell no I'm not having too many problems,it was just one of those days when I wrote it.U know how life can be.....annoying at one minute,fine the next.This is so cool babes,I'm adding u on mah blog roll.

  2. Lolzie...U relli make me sound mean ! I am almost on the verge of believing that I'hv actually had an intent to keep the chase on :)

  3. like I can meet ur sis for christmas:):):)
    doll...gr8 blog, loved reading it..n am sure u loved eating skweeth:):)

    Missin u girlie...wish u were here:)


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