Thursday, June 7, 2007


I know this topic has been tread upon for eternity, but I still would like to have a go at it..( hellloo..its my blogspot!).Coming back to "people" which as a term refers collectively to all humans , who in turn according to scientific definition are bipedal primates belonging to mammalian species, Homo sapiens (which in Latin=wise man/knowing man! r u kidding???) in the family Hominidae ( the great apes..Ya! this I can believe!). Furthermore, humans are said to be social by nature, participating in highly complex social structures made possible by a highly developed brain which allows for reasoning & introspection!voila! The reason I am ranting is because I had the misfortune of meeting a certain someone who looked like a member of the species but acted in every way disproving it! For instance, the person isn't social, definitely NOT civil,no evidence of posession of brains( forget it being highly developed!), can't reason for a ****'s worth and introspective???..( gimme a break!). So all in all this person seems to be existing just as an overgrown(just girth wise!!!) primate! Which makes me wonder.. What exactly is our (humans!!) purpose here on just exist/ to live with a difference??!!
well ..the afore mentioned human is sure living differently (as an animal!!) ;-)

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  1. Ahem ! I think I DO know which person u r referring to here honi ;)


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