Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clarity or rather the lack of it!

It was almost a month ago when I got a call from my aunt when she informed about the "assassination attempt" on Guruji. I was of course flabbergasted and started to theorize on which militant outfit must have the motive to commit such a heinous crime. I then relied on the media to actually give me the facts(we all make mistakes!).
To summarize the whole incident, there was a gunshot that was fired when Guruji was walking towards the car, the bullet grazed the thigh of a devotee who was standing nearby and nobody could locate the miscreant. Guruji was ushered into the car and he proceeded very unperturbed to give his discourse on Ashtavakra where he mentioned the event with no more seriousness than "an ant bit me" kind of casualness.
Now,if there is a gunshot heard or felt anywhere near a high profile personality, would somebody think that it was being fired at a stray and continue with their life? They would probably have created such an uproar that their fans or supporting organizations would have created further violence and tension than help in resolving matters. On the other hand, the AOL organization just made a formal complaint with the cops and asked them to investigate. On investigation it was found that a neighboring farmer had shot at stray dogs (I mean how irresponsible!did someone even check his license? or take him into questioning on shooting recklessly?! I do not know the answers to those questions)

The all pervading home minister of course had the ready answer that Guruji was not the target! That may have been the case, but had they carried an investigation before the statement?! NO! What kind of a Judiciary is that which passes sentences without research or investigation?! Anyways, politicians and their MOs are a whole different topic by itself and this is not that!

Now coming back to the media, they twisted up the incident in so many ways in such short period that a contortionist would have been left spell bound! I guess its too rhetorical to even ask this question but what happened to the good old honest journalism. Have people forgotten the power of a pen?! This one particular page 3 journalist went on to call guruji names and how attention was sought! And then goes on to say that its her blog and hence has the choice to say or write whatever she wants to (well if its so personal, then restrict access and just read it yourself!). You know, that people read and take your opinion and unfortunately not everybody can think for themselves so you are bound to influence them! Anyways, I also got to see the interview this person had conducted with Guruji and Bhanu didi a few months ago and every word she uttered was filled with cynicism. It seemed like she had already decided that she would put this one adorable person on a mortal's platform. Anyways, Guruji responded with his usual charm and eloquence and nothing she said or asked could alter his response or extract the sensation or scandal that she seemed to want from him! This same person even attended a satsang with guruji in a mumbai socialite's house and couldn't stop singing the praise on the bliss she had experienced! It was just sad to see such a celebrated journalist being hypocritical and writing up gibberish on a person who is so dear to millions of people.

Hows that for clarification?! :)