Friday, March 27, 2009

truth and feelings!

No this is not a philosophical post (hmm..come to think of it, it may be one!)..A conversation with my super hero (read sis-"TJ") kicked some spunk into my mind and drove away all the blues!ya she is sooper that way! So here is what happened-
I Called home feeling all down with post birthday blues..pondering about how my life had stagnated and nothing new or exciting seemed to be on the horizon for me at that point, so TJ picks up the phone and we start to chat in general when I tell her about how I was feeling.
Me: I am so pathetic, so stagnated..blah blah blah
TJ: Don't worry honey I go through the same feelings all the time, you will be fine. You are going to graduate, get a new job,get married start a new phase in life!so, it is just the beginning for you.
Me: awww..thank u chinna, but tell me why do "you" feel low? you are doing great in your career, in your guru seva, taking care of our family, look smashing! You have so many things that are going on your life too!so why do you have to feel "stagnant"???
TJ: it is not about what is, it is about what you feel!!!

Wow!that surely shut me up;I guess all of us are achievers in our own ways, have contributed at least a little to the world and have the potential to top anything that we want and believe in, if only we could see and feel this truth all the time we wouldn't feel depressed or blue, but hey since we can't or don't, God sent in super heroes like TJ to our rescue!:-)
love u sweetiepie!mmuahh