Monday, October 1, 2007

Feel good factors..

I call it the "bridge2smile"list for am sure everybody in the world has cached treaures of memories and fantasies..err..dreams that would surely turn the frown into a smile..if only there was a device that would remind people (in sadness/depression/anger/jealousy)of all the good things in their life and of things they should be thankful for, it would solve most of today's crimes and leave us in a blissful heaven of sorts..So taking the initiative ( begins with self!)..i am putting together a list that definitely brings a smile on my face..

1) Guruji!( H.H.Sri Sri Ravishankar)

2) Being with my family(most of the times!lol!)

3) Playing with children(preferably below the age of 2!..ya am still at that level!)

4)Seeing a baby smile

5) Tom and Jerry!

6)Aamir khan in all those romantic roles!(sigh..)

7) Music!

8) dreaming about how I will be the next best thing to have happened to mankind!

9)when people listen to my avice and opinion..

10)When I succeed at something that I haven't worked for!(he he..)

11)Talking to friends of course!

12) Listening to mythological stories! (when good wins over evil..the same feeling at the end of a typical bollywood/Indian movie..looove it!)

13)Reading books (Strictly novels..and definitely not M&B..thats what makes me frown list!)


15)Gazing into what mother earth has to offer..(ya..nature only!)

16)cracking Pjs!

this list will probably be updated and extended from time to time..and in case anyone wants to share their views on this"bridge2smile"list..well they can just ....

feel very welcomed!..cough cough..I told u I love to crack pjs dint i??

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Chase..

Yahoo! The object of my attention had been cornered at last in Bangalore, India! phew..boy! this cat & mouse game was going to end soon ( or so I thought!) the chase had taken both of us almost all around India as well as some parts of the world and now (rather in Dec) all that was going to end in good fashion!

Well am neither a cop nor am I talking about a criminal on the run..the person who I mention of is my ........

Sister ..Tj!! ha ha..the thing is it feels like I have been chasing her in & out of places all the time and we never get to spend as much "quality time" as I would like to.

Here's how its been..
Our parents decided to send us to bangalore after the 5th grade so we could get the best of exposure in education n culture, since there is a 3 yr age difference between the both of us, she went earlier and the chase has been forever since then! so, when I went to bangalore, Tj was already in high school and just after 2 years she left back to where our parents stayed to do her Pre-uni colleging and then when she came to bangalore for her engineering I was all set to leave bangalore to pursue my professional degree in Dharwad. At this time Tj went to Manipal to complete her MBA degree and landed a great job during campus recruitment, for which she had to leave for training in Bombay. I was almost done with my colleging by this time and was happy to go back to bangalore to be with my family ( my parents had decided to move to Bangalore by then!)..but alas it was not meant to be..'coz Tj then got an offer to move to US of A for a year's time! ( which then extended to 2 1/2 years!) So in the meanwhile , I dreamt of pursuing my masters in the US content with the knowledge that my sister was going to be there! was not meant to be! ya! I got here and she decided to move back to Bangalore within 2 months! So now its been a year since I got here and thought would spend my christmas vacation in bangalore..welll..Tj has made plans to go to the country down under for her christmas n new year vactions! so whaddya think?? the chase continues...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I moved into a new apartment this month and its taking me time to get adjusted to the new place, new walls!( kidding!) and last but the most important of all new roomies ( a Chinese..lets call her N and an Indian who will be S) there is no war waging between us, in fact, the other day N and I were watching "Friends" and also bonding (ahem!ahem!)..and I offered her popcorn to eat, which she gladly accepted and in turn offered me the snack which she had got from home ( Now, knowing the chinks food preferences, I was a little vary about tasting it) so this is how the conversation went:
Me: want some popcorn?
N: ya sure.. do u want to try this ? ( holds a transparent zip loc cover..which holds some sort of dish which looks similar to cheese strings!)
Me: ( skeptical) what is it?
N: Skweeth
Me: ( all confused!!) huh?
N: Skweeth..u know ( the packet is almost in my face now!)
Me: ( trying to be brave!)( maybe sweetened wheat!!!???!!) oh ok..will try ..
I take a bite of the stringy thing..umm..( realization dawns!dumb me!)
its SQUID!!!
me: ( trying not to puke!) Oh! its squid!
N: yeass..yeass..dried and salted skweeth!U like it???
Me: Well.. :0

Friday, June 8, 2007

purrrfect reasonings!

Am a of Bill Waterson's sense of humour
(Knock! Knock! Calvin and Hobbes!) and here are a couple of quotes from the comic strip that
make a lot of sense to me.

"God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die."

"There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want."

Thursday, June 7, 2007


I know this topic has been tread upon for eternity, but I still would like to have a go at it..( hellloo..its my blogspot!).Coming back to "people" which as a term refers collectively to all humans , who in turn according to scientific definition are bipedal primates belonging to mammalian species, Homo sapiens (which in Latin=wise man/knowing man! r u kidding???) in the family Hominidae ( the great apes..Ya! this I can believe!). Furthermore, humans are said to be social by nature, participating in highly complex social structures made possible by a highly developed brain which allows for reasoning & introspection!voila! The reason I am ranting is because I had the misfortune of meeting a certain someone who looked like a member of the species but acted in every way disproving it! For instance, the person isn't social, definitely NOT civil,no evidence of posession of brains( forget it being highly developed!), can't reason for a ****'s worth and introspective???..( gimme a break!). So all in all this person seems to be existing just as an overgrown(just girth wise!!!) primate! Which makes me wonder.. What exactly is our (humans!!) purpose here on just exist/ to live with a difference??!!
well ..the afore mentioned human is sure living differently (as an animal!!) ;-)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

everything under the sun!!

I have finally decided to pen down my thoughts for the benefit of humankind..ahem ahem..alright! for myself and possibly( hoping fervently) as a mode of entertainment 4 my family n friends! I am told that am good with words, so here's me just trying a hand at blogging to reflect on issues and matters that may mean a lot to me or may not even concern me ( well didn't u see the title??..everything under the sun!)
So here's me welcoming myself into this addictive ( I think!) phenomenon of blogging!