Monday, October 1, 2007

Feel good factors..

I call it the "bridge2smile"list for am sure everybody in the world has cached treaures of memories and fantasies..err..dreams that would surely turn the frown into a smile..if only there was a device that would remind people (in sadness/depression/anger/jealousy)of all the good things in their life and of things they should be thankful for, it would solve most of today's crimes and leave us in a blissful heaven of sorts..So taking the initiative ( begins with self!)..i am putting together a list that definitely brings a smile on my face..

1) Guruji!( H.H.Sri Sri Ravishankar)

2) Being with my family(most of the times!lol!)

3) Playing with children(preferably below the age of 2!..ya am still at that level!)

4)Seeing a baby smile

5) Tom and Jerry!

6)Aamir khan in all those romantic roles!(sigh..)

7) Music!

8) dreaming about how I will be the next best thing to have happened to mankind!

9)when people listen to my avice and opinion..

10)When I succeed at something that I haven't worked for!(he he..)

11)Talking to friends of course!

12) Listening to mythological stories! (when good wins over evil..the same feeling at the end of a typical bollywood/Indian movie..looove it!)

13)Reading books (Strictly novels..and definitely not M&B..thats what makes me frown list!)


15)Gazing into what mother earth has to offer..(ya..nature only!)

16)cracking Pjs!

this list will probably be updated and extended from time to time..and in case anyone wants to share their views on this"bridge2smile"list..well they can just ....

feel very welcomed!..cough cough..I told u I love to crack pjs dint i??

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