Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well apparently nothing can beat laziness! and I have learnt this over and over again! and if ever there was a ceremony to "award laziness"..I would definitely be nominated! Hundreds of things pending that need to be taken care of..but here I am procrastinating it to neverland! The other day I got to know that my dad was diagnosed with High BP and diabetes..well dad always was confident about being the healthy one "as opposed" to mom and therefore was taken by surprise!(ya right!smoking,drinking,no exercise..not a surprise to the rest of us!)..the good thing out of din't affect his heart..and he has given up on his thats good..but the question is do we have to wait to give up the vice till its almost destroyed us??take me for instance..I am "blessed" with "sugar and salt genes" and still continue to abuse my body..theres always been a resolution to lose weight, to eat healthy and to exercise ..but none of it has ever seen the light of the day! So heres to a better me..who will try to take care of herself and also help in spreading awareness that "Prevention is definitely better than cure"!


  1. hellos,nice to see u back in blog-world.Good luck n I guess I shd try n convince myself too!!!Oh wish u were around,we cud have worked out together!!!!

  2. i know!tht wud have definitely been a u sweetie?in gelf wid parents?


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