Monday, July 21, 2008

Journey has begun..

Blissful, rapturous, ecstatic..are only few of the synonyms that can describe the state of my mind now a days! and this miracle has happenend through my association with H.H.Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji..Well it all started a couple of years ago when on my sister's insistence I did the Act I/Basic course and at the end of the course, I was happy...and thats it period! I never followed the pearls of advice given and continued to exist but not live!! It took a heartbreak, dilemma and depression for me to tread back into this beautiful paradise(thats definitely an irony!)..Did my YES!+ to realize what I had given up and did my YES!++(advance) to trade all my worries and botherations in exchange of happiness and bliss!

The advance course was taken by the super duper Dinesh Bhaiya and Bawa..and man! no words can describe this duo( actually, super smart, super cool,super witty, super intelligent, super kind, to die for smile and of course, last but not the least, long shiny lustrous hair..are few of the words that could be used to introduce these super stars!):-) To understand what am talking about visit bawa and dinu bhaiya

Each and every teacher I have come across have been fabulous and its definitely guruji's grace that exudes through these gems who have made it their selfless mission to spread the knowledge and joy on this planet..I really wish and pray that I get to join this awesome band wagon of teachers as soon as possible! Jai Guru deva!

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