Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I moved into a new apartment this month and its taking me time to get adjusted to the new place, new walls!( kidding!) and last but the most important of all new roomies ( a Chinese..lets call her N and an Indian who will be S)..no there is no war waging between us, in fact, the other day N and I were watching "Friends" and also bonding (ahem!ahem!)..and I offered her popcorn to eat, which she gladly accepted and in turn offered me the snack which she had got from home ( Now, knowing the chinks food preferences, I was a little vary about tasting it) so this is how the conversation went:
Me: want some popcorn?
N: ya sure.. do u want to try this ? ( holds a transparent zip loc cover..which holds some sort of dish which looks similar to cheese strings!)
Me: ( skeptical) what is it?
N: Skweeth
Me: ( all confused!!) huh?
N: Skweeth..u know ( the packet is almost in my face now!)
Me: ( trying to be brave!)( maybe sweetened wheat!!!???!!) oh ok..will try ..
I take a bite of the stringy thing..umm..( realization dawns!dumb me!)
its SQUID!!!
me: ( trying not to puke!) Oh! its squid!
N: yeass..yeass..dried and salted skweeth!U like it???
Me: Well.. :0

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