Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God's name??

I spent a blissful 20 day break with my uncle's family and my lil cousin 'S'(all of six) is as bright as they ever come! She kept me entertained through my stay and there is this one particular incident that I like to jot down which was uproariously hilarious. 'S' finds it difficult to remember the innumerous names of her innumerous relatives in India and just to keep her memory refreshed my aunt indulges in Q &A sessions about the names of different relatives now and then. So this is what happened during one such session!
Scene:The family is at the dining table gobbling down the yummy delicacies made by my aunt'V'.
V to S: Do you remember my brother's name?
S: Krishna?!!
S: Ramayana??!!
at this juncture all of us are in splits!
S: What is it??I know it has to be a god's name..everybody in India is named after a god!!!
thats a six year old's perception for you!lol!

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