Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"The mystery of cashew-burfi"!!

Well I made it back to the USA after three months of bliss at home..and I thought I should get lil somethings for the people at my work place and also thought that I would share some Indian dessert with them, knowing that none of them had ever tried anything "Indian" before(this is SGF the village am talking about!!lol..) So I got them "Cashew-burfi/Kaju Katli".
So I go around the office distributing the sweet and each of them taste it like I have filled it with chillies!lol!(Any Indian food=spicy!) and then some pretend!(ya pretend!) to like it and some others exclaim that it tastes weird in their mouths, whats it got they question me..I say cashew, milk and sugar..they go on to say no its something else..curry maybe??!!I was like WTF no!lol!crazy Americans!

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