Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dirty old man!!

this funny instance(atleast some of us found it hilarious!) occurred recently here at sgf and I wanted to put it down in my blog so i dont forget it! ya its that simple..Well, to give a brief preclude, a couple of my friends stay in the on-campus apartment and this particular dorm has this old man as a maintenance he is known to flirt with all the pretty ladies and once came down to one of my friend's place with a smirk on his face asking if she had left behind her undie in the washer-dryer?! and she's from this small town in India and isn't accustomed to such questions!!lol! so u can imagine the look on her face and I shall let your imagination take over as to what happened there after {coz imagination gives everybody a kick and I want everyone to experience that! :) } so you can guess the image the old man had created for himself in the other Indian girls heads.. and this is where the current story kicks in! The old man started chatting up 3 of my other friends in the dorm and told a couple of them that they were decent (In USA that means you are OK..nothing to do with decency!) and told the other one that she was 'onery'!
( I still dont know what the spelling is for this word! and I would be highly appreciative if anyone corrects me) Now this girl got highly offended and called him names and yelled at him and refused to talk to him for three months! why? because she thought it was some synonym for "Horny"!! Lol! Lol! None of us had heard of this word before and google or did not help either! So we turned to an american friend and asked what "onery" meant! turns out that it intones naughtiness and mischievousness!!lol!so it was us and not the old man who was dirty after all!! ;-)

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  1. I will get back @ ya.. and FYI.. its spelt "onry"!! I did some research on it!! lol..


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