Saturday, May 23, 2009


If you know me really well then you would definitely know that I could never string more than a line that made sense for poems but today as blessing guruji inspired me during kriya to come up with this lovely godawesome poem which am proudly posting on this it goes.

p.s. for the first time ever I am claiming rights to this poem and if you need to copy any of it please take permission from me or guruji!thank you!

Ode to Guruji:

You came into my life like an ocean breeze,
that took my burdens away and put me at ease.

You are the rain drops from above,
that has drenched my soul with unconditional love.

You filled my heart with fire of action,
to love and spread joy and compassion.

You are the boulder that has given me strength,
to scale the skies and achieve any length.

You are the space that I long to be in,
for you are my nature and my skin.

Oh Guruji! This is a tiny ode to all that you have shown,
and for all the joy you have brought me that I would have otherwise never known!


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